For some children, traditional schools aren’t a good fit, and there are many reasons why. Whether it be students who have behavioral problems, shy and withdrawn students, students with academic or social challenges, students with certain types of learning disabilities, students who have been bullied, or parents who simply want a better education for their child, many children in today’s society find it difficult to succeed in a traditional school environment. Rainbow of Knowledge elementary school offers a viable solution for many who are struggling in a traditional school program.

What are some of the benefits of placing your child in our program?

Love Learning

We help foster a love of learning in all students.

Great Teachers

Our staff is trained to teach, mentor, counsel, and tutor and takes time to connect with each student in their class.

High Standards

Our school has a “homey” feel to it but provides a rigorous private school education often exceeding California State Standards.

We have high standards for personal responsibility, performance, and behavior.

To help our students feel safe, we provide clear and fair rules that are consistently enforced.

Parent Participation

We foster positive parent-teacher partnerships.


Small Classes

We offer a small teacher to student ratio so your child can receive more individualized attention.   

Nurturing the Whole Child

We nurture the mind, body, and essence of each individual student.

Field Trips and Events

We offer monthly field trips and special events to supplement and enhance our program.

Helping Our Community

We like our students to experience the rewarding feeling of helping others and believe they can see the value in themselves when they help others.